Case Studies

The Problem:

We were one of this creative agency’s suppliers quoting on jobs as required. We often did daily, weekly, monthly and ad-hoc projects for them, conducting all print and mail related components of their cross-channel campaigns. Then, both the agency’s full-time print management staff left the company in quick succession, leaving them without that internal point of contact for their account managers to request print and mail projects for their clients.

The Solution:

We managed this creative agency’s print and mail projects by integrating ourselves within the agency with a dedicated account manager who worked in-house one day a week. We became a valuable asset to them and removing the need to pay the two wages of the employees who had left – a huge advantage for the agency.

How we did it:

We approached the agency suggesting that MPS should become the agency’s print managers. This meant that we handled all on-going projects regardless of which printer produced them, using their supplier list to find the best solution for their clients’ print and mail projects.

Our dedicated account manager was stationed at the agency’s Bristol-based office one day a week to offer support, attend meetings and provide updates on existing projects. We’d avoid this important office day for special trips so that we could be fully involved in projects from the get-go. Our account manager sat in meetings with the agency employees as well as the agency’s clients to problem solve.

We found solutions that weren’t only innovative and creative, but also cost effective from a print and postage point of view. By having MPS involved at the beginning of each project, we were able to advise on specifications like reducing a page size slightly to get more out of a sheet or a pack weight to maximise on all possible cost savings.