Case Studies

The Problem:

This consumer credit company was getting 36,000 multi-page annual statements printed by a litho printer with no experience in mailing and postal services. Once MPS took over this service in 2010 the client realised that there were other mail and post services that could improve the way it communicated with its customers.

The Solution:

We now process more than 60 different types of business-critical documents, including three and five page finance agreements, ‘decline’ letters, annual and monthly statements, arrears letters and ‘welcome’ packs.

Growing with the client, we have gone from being a supplier to a partner company where ideas can be developed, questions asked, and new technologies suggested and tested. We work with several departments, including marketing, IT and customer services.

How we did it:

How we did it
We started by working closely with the client to formalise a brief, test data and proof it and set up a secure data transfer ready for the annual statement project to go live.

We then looked at the client’s other communications. We immediately spotted that we could exchange their expensive branded 115gsm paper for full colour, digitally printed letters, forms and statements. As their business grew, so did print and post volumes and the client recognised that it was inefficient to post documents printed from staff desktops. We were drafted in for their ‘Desktop to Doormat’ project, setting-up a dedicated server so that documents, data and proofs could securely and quickly be sent between MPS and the client.

We then:

  • Worked with a design agency on the client’s rebranding.
  • Recognised data inconsistencies and set-up data cleansing prior to personalisation.
  • Added branding to finance letters and documents.
  • Invested in new enclosing machines that use the market leading AIMS – Automated Insertion Management System.
  • Offered a range of options to print for the visually impaired including large print and Braille.