Case Studies

The Problem:

Rhondda Cynon Taf (RCT) County Borough Council had an in‐house print unit and small, poorly resourced mailroom.

The Solution:

We started working with RCT in 2009. Since then, we’ve developed data processing, data matching, personalisation and fulfilment for annual billing, daily billing and posted communications, and complex election and electoral registration (IER) print and fulfilment.

RCT then migrated all its department print, post and email communications to MPS. We look after the whole authority’s business critical documents, including payroll, pension, schools, planning and RCT homes and housing stock.

How we did it:

With experience providing complex annual billing print and post services to local authorities, our dedicated account manager worked with RCT to find a solution for all the council’s needs. This was a phased process that tailored our software to work with theirs, testing data over 130+ documents, processes and making tweaks and changes until we reached 100% integrity.

We helped RCT make significant savings and comply with legislation and data protection (GDPR) by:

  • Data-matching
  • Using a system called AIMS (Automated Insertion Management System). AIMS adds a unique camera‐read 2D barcode to every single sheet in every single pack, making them fully traceable, auditable and compliant.
  • Parallel running – mirroring RCT’s in-house production with 100% integrity and improved letter formatting, spacing, higher resolution logos and blacker text.
  • e-Services for around 3,000 payroll employees including schools, housing and council workers who choose to receive emailed pay slips.