Case Studies

The Problem:

Bristol Energy was a brand-new energy company who wanted to provide a green alternative and a better tariff to any Bristol based customers.

The Solution:

Bristol Energy began talking to us before its launch. We set up systems that worked fluently with Bristol Energy’s software, mailing out welcome packs and statements as the company grew. We also identified and solved print and mailing problems as they arose and picked up ad-hoc jobs. We worked for Bristol Energy throughout their operation and now work with the administration company since Bristol Energy’s sale in 2020. We still are mailing Bristol Energy branded letters.

How we did it:

We communicated with their software providers and set up an end-to-end system that needed no interaction from Bristol Energy. After set-up, we ran tests to ensure a smooth and glitch-free transition process ready for Bristol Energy to go live and start taking customers.

In the beginning, we were mailing around 20 welcome packs and statements a day. This quickly picked up as they started their advertisement campaigns. Once volumes went over 4,000 a day, we started mailsorting their PDF letters and could offer a postage saving and weekly reports on send volumes and stock updates.

We also noticed they were struggling with internal post from their customer service department. So, we opened a dedicated Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) site for their staff so that they could upload letters that needed posting. We set up automated programmes to download these letters and sweep them into their statement and welcome pack uploads thus saving time and money.

We would occasionally pick up ad-hoc jobs such as:

  • a legal requirement mailing
  • price change mailings along with batch mailing to manage their response calls
  • advertisement mailings, which were often more creative and high print quality required