January 12, 2024

Recently in the office, we were discussing leaflets – as one does in our line of work!

This spurred on a conversation about the history of leaflets, brochures and/or flyers and in turn the origin of pamphlets sparked our curiosity.

Pamphlets, something many of us have received in the post or picked up at a supermarket, theatre or even the Doctors originated from a Latin love poem in the 12th Century; Pamphilet, which translates to ‘loved by all.’

During the 15th century when the printing press was developed, pamphlets became the ideal solution to publicising ideas to the public across England, France and Germany. Within time, pamphlets were used in religious controversies, political matters and even developed for stories, autobiographies and promotional purposes.

Over the years, we’ve moved away from using pamphlets, and instead steer to using leaflets or brochures instead. According to google, the word pamphlet has been on a steady decline in use and popularity since the 1950’s! So next time you pick up a pamphlet, remember the word dates back through to the 1400’s.