Did somebody say... just ask!!

June 08, 2023

You may already be outsourcing your print and mail requirements.

But! When was the last time you ‘tested the market’ and price checked your current route?

We all want to buy cheaper, but if you are not being supported by your mail/print supplier they may not be suitably advising of the most cost-effective postage route, or page size, or data volume discount, for example.

Coupled with the fact that MPS have an impeccable client services record – big headed we know! – but we are sure our Account Management team will offer support that will make your life easier, through the implementation of a new project and from day to day.

You may not quite know what you need to print, or mail! You have ideas, but now you need to execute them!
MPS offer product innovation and support. We will hold your hand through the whole process and ensure your ideas are efficient,
cost effective and gain the best postal discounts available.

Just ask! Contact us at MPS now to find out more – there’s no obligation, but you may benefit by finding out if you’re missing a trick.

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