I’m going to the office to mail my letters!

July 24, 2023

Are you still battling with your daily, weekly, or monthly mailings in house? With the added complication of your staff working from home, perhaps? Have you done the maths! …. maybe this cost is inefficient – when you think MPS will charge you less per letter than the cost you are paying for postage alone – that’s before you even consider print and maintenance costs, staff resources, paper, etc.

At MPS we are not only looking to help with your larger volume mailings, but also the little quantities. You may have twenty letter types sent every week, to a few hundred people. You may have one letter type sent to 1,000 people! But, most importantly you need to know that we can write bespoke programs for all scenarios.

Best of all, we’ll do the first set up for free!

Your mail packs can be multiple pages, with branded envelopes too and include leaflets such as T’s and C’s, advertising products, etc.

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