Low Volume Daily/Weekly Mailings

May 05, 2023

Outsourcing low volume mailings are often a challenge for businesses. You are often stuck between a rock and a hard place with either investing in table top printers, letter inserters, franking machines etc or struggling to find a reliable mail house who are happy to take letters with no catches.

Mail houses and large print production facilities often dislike low volume mailings for multiple reasons. Their production departments are full of large and quick running machines which run to the highest of standards and ultimately cost a lot of money to buy and run. They need these machines stacked back to back with large print runs with minimal down time and lowest amount of machine set-ups. This makes the low volume mailings undesirable to the mail houses; to make this more appealing they often come with minimum sends and high implementation & running costs; making it pointless to outsource in the first place.

In-house letter production and mailing doesn’t give you a better option either. The costs are considerably higher than you would initially think. The upfront purchasing of machines, paper, toner, envelopes etc means you have a large upfront cost even before you have enclosed one letter. Then you have your member of staff who is responsible for the printing, enclosing and mailing of these letters; who often has low productivity increasing the costs furthermore. Plus the inconvenience and cost of managing, ordering and storing of consumables; as well as the cost of equipment maintenance and repairs. In-house production is a more up-front cost, time consuming process which all businesses would benefit from outsourcing.

MPS do not fit the bill of the usual mail house as mentioned above. We are a reactive and innovative player in the Print and Mail industry. We have dynamic and tailorable services to meet your needs, taking your daily or weekly low volume mailings and treating you like one of our biggest clients. Our approach to low volume mailings often allows us to print, enclose and mail your pack at the price you buy the stamp.

Contact us now to see how much MPS can save you by outsourcing your daily & weekly mailing to us.